Keeping Up...

As I probably said somewhere in this blog that my rhuematologist gave me a whole list of things to do, including:

see the Cardiologist; see the obgyn; see the gasterinterologist(sp?).

I went to see the ob/gyn, had a pelvic ultrasound, outcome: unknown. Symptoms still persist, bleeding.

I went to the cardiologist, had an EKG, ran on a treadmill and almost passed out, had a heart ultrasounds, outcome: everything is ok - as in cardio(wise). Symptoms: chest pains.

I went to gasterinterologist, had an Eg-D (no idea?), outcome: dilated esophagus and put on Nexium. Biopsies were taken from the edema areas, redness and irritability noted and a ringed esophagus (?). Symptoms: inability to eat, nausea, digestion.

I did all of this in less than three weeks and suffered ilke a crazy woman yesterday because I didn't know I was given versed (amnesiac) so I guess I wouldn't remember the procedure. I wouldn't recommend going to work the next day, which is what I did. I must've been a real "air-head" coming into and out of consciousness.

My ongoing saga of bleeding, maybe my mensies, maybe something more? Who knows? I have a nurse practioner that I have never seen, just out of school, obviously doesn't have much patient/doctor relationship skills.

What I've Learned: You can be squeezed into a guinea pig, but unless you try all options, you will never really find the cause or cure for whatever you have, but I know that I can swallow now. Yay!! The gasterinterologist would have been the last person I wanted to see, but I couldn't deal any longer!!