My Neurologist Appointment Today

I had to see Dr. Ginsberg today, after my appointment with him, they managed to get me in to see Dr. Charney (Rheumatologist) tomorrow. I have a Cytoxan treatment on Friday and probably have to see Dr. Klein (Neprhologist), but I really don't want to. BTW, I did find out that I was taking the wrong dose of Keppra. I was supposed to take 2000 mg a day, not 1000 mg. I also got Lidocaine patches. Oh and I also have the damn cream. How much lidocaine does a person need again?

Did I tell you how much I hate Access-a-Ride? It was awful. There were days where I would be on the bus for more than 2 hours. It was exhausting...I had to take more medications and was more uncomfortable than I had ever been. Other than that, it would be the total opposite, I would be at work in less than 20 minutes...feeling sick and nausea all the time. My left foot was hurting, so I had to wrap it and use a damn cane. Then it moved up to my inner leg and I had to wrap that up and use a cane. Now my hip hurts. What the hell?

On Friday, I totally lost my mind. I had it with work, they were upset that I was 15 minutes late, even though I was picked up at 6:15 a.m. and live less than 19 miles away from work. The workplace didn't want to hear the excuse, but then they complained because I used the business line right away (to make a complaint to RTD), so they categorize it as "personal" use. Oh brother!! Yea, it was dumb. I left early, had my husband come and pick me up and cried all the way home. I don't know what I want to do with myself. I haven't been feeling too good, but then again the fact that I just want to be "normal" is killing me!

My daughter is turning the B-I-G 13!!

Where did the years go? She will officially become a "teenager" on the 25th of April. With all of my health issues right now, we have cancelled our trip to Hawaii. Now, we are in the process of planning her big BASH! Well there were a couple of options that did come up, but we are trying to stay within a budget (which rarely happens) but since I have been seeing a doctor every other day...well we are on limited funds.

She acts like a little girl (sometimes), but other times, she is as mature as an adult?? Who'd thought? My little girl...all grown up. Her father would beg to differ. As much as he would love to keep her a small child, I don't think it's hit him yet that she is growing up. Funny, huh?