Up In The AIR!!!

Right now, I am awake, while everyone in this house is sleeping. I am having the weirdest bleed pattern ever. Generally for years I didn't have the menstral cycle at all. My daughter is a teenager now, so everytime she gets her period, I get all the symptoms of having a period...then I spot...then it goes away. Today is a WAY different story. I am bleeding so much that a super tampon, liner & I barely lasted 2 hours. Now, I just decided to use the super tampon plus the night pad, so it is a little bit longer in the back, to get more coverage. I folded the towel twice over and it is under me now. I think I had too much sugar today and I can't sleep. Although I am super tired. I don't know what to do. I feel like I could collapse any minute. I have been praying for many things these days. But more than usual. The stress of having a life, having a family, then me-mom.

I'm worried about insurance coverage that I just got through my husband's work. I don't know where the brochures and stuff is located. So I need to go online, while I am fully coherent and read through a whole bunch of RULES. I just don't want to panic about coverage, etc. You know what I mean.

The next thing...ta dah!(yeah right!) SSDI. I am trying and it has been so ridiculous and they keep dragging their feet. We are holding on as long as we can. This financial burden isn't good for our marriage. I am sure my husband has many frustrations, but he is so understanding nowadays. But we have our moments. I guess if there wasn't any fire, we would be blown out quick. We are totally opposites in almost everything. But we compromise as much as we can. So basically these last or almost two years of unemployment, dissolution of every thing, sold anything of worth, even cashed out all of our savings. This is it. If it doesn't get decided in our favor I don't know where that will leave us. We won't have money, no savings, definitely bills!!! The last thing I heard from my attorney was on Tuesday--she called SSDI to see where my file is--it is on the decision pile. That is great news. Now we just need to have them to decide that I am eligeable (sp?) okay let's say my pain meds are kicking in a little bit which is finally some relief. I'm praying, crossing my fingers, please think of me! I need everyone to help, please.