spring time...

Spring is in the air. The official first day of spring has past and now we are in the midst of snow, ugh. Some of the things we love about living in Colorado. I guess travelling and coming home to it is very different than if I was home and it just snowed. I have to do a ton of things since I've been gone. We have no groceries is the first thing that I have to jump on. Since I have been home all I have done is sleep. I was so exhausted that I slept for three days through. I don't even think I ate during those three days, but it felt wonderful. My body definitely needed it.

During the spring my daughter got to meet my very old grandma. I was very happy to see my grandma. She lives so far away, yet she is still very independent. I miss her so quickly after we visit her. I just can't believe the love I feel for my grandma that it hurts. I have asked her to move in with us, but I know the different climate would be difficult. Plus, we live in a two-story house, but there is a room downstairs that I would have to move the doggies out of and insulate it better so she won't freeze in it. It is all exterior walls so it is almost like the room is outside of the whole house so the temperature in that room isn't great. I would be so selfish to ask her as all of her friends are where she lives right now.