I want my daughter to make cupcakes for her BF. She says I'm pushy, I know I am pushy, but it is so cute. I'm such the romantic type. I guess since I've already passed the "romance" stage in my life...maybe I'm trying to re-live it through my daughter. Actually, if my husband wasn't in a foul mood, then maybe we would have more romance. But other than that...He took us out for breakfast today & it was ok, except I got sick right when I got home. I guess I knew it was coming because I didn't really want anything to eat. I just got fruit. I do, however, want to cut up this watermelon that I bought yesterday. It is already HOT today. I can't imagine it getting hoter. I think that I would be miserable!!



I think I have mentioned this a couple of times [or not] but my daughter and her boyfriend have attempted to see each other, now it has been two weeks. But next week, they have two activities planned on Tuesday and Thursday. I have a meeting on Thursday, so I won't get to join them. I plan on being out kind of late...talking...with the facilitator's of ALR. How come it has to be so darn difficult? They are kids, in public, nonetheless, majority in the precense of parents. I know we want to protect our children, but when will they ever learn love? Sometimes I think that our emotions, surroundings, encourage us to grow even faster. "emotions" It can control little and BIG things. I just want my daughter to be happy. I love her just the way she is (sometimes).

a SAD moment

Last night, my family and I just hanging out in the master bedroom. My husband just got dog food and new toys for the boys. Thai left his baby somewhere in the house --Max's baby was in our room. He [Max] looked sad. He didn't play with his toy, nor the ball that was right there, but just walked right past it and laid on the ground. Thai on the other hand, was playing with Max's toy, amusing himself. I just realized that Max was getting old. He was even acting old. I had him get on the bed with me and my husband, but he wouldn't chipper up. He laid down next to my husband, looking very sad.

I'm scared of my reaction if anything happens to Max. I want to take him to the vet, but I am also scared of getting news, if any. He is almost 7 years old, but he is a large dog.


Father's Day...

Father's Day is over rated right? Everyone has a mother, but not everyone has a father. Or at least for me. I had a father, I talked to him and see he randomly when I was young. I haven't seen my father in over 13 years. Am I angry? Maybe? I don't even know what to say...not having a father presence in my life...did it really make a difference? Yes, it did...I'm paranoid, afraid of being abadoned...etc. My outlook on men ~ isn't all that either...the feeling that they are "useless" seriously comes to mind.