I had a big evening where I was helping an organization with a dinner. Last week I was able to help with a wedding and I was fine. It was very different this time. I didn't take my afternoon medication because I forgot to do so. I got home kind of late and took what I thought I missed. I couldn't find the stash of medication for the day. It was a very long evening where I felt scared and didn't want my husband to go anywhere. It had a tingling feeling about it too. I felt like I was a bit bewildered. Sunday, I didn't wake at all. Good thing my daughter knew to give me medication. She said that I didn't wake up that she propped me up and put meds in my mouth and gave me something to drink. Poor thing. She stayed with me the whole day as I wouldn't wake. One of our dogs was just going nuts and driving her nuts. She knew that was a bad sign. My husband finally came home and brought food. I guess I ate and went back to sleep. At one point, I had peanut butter in my mouth just sitting all day as I was sleeping, eww, huh? I guess I wanted to share this story because I'm ever so grateful to my daughter, who takes care of me.