How it Affected My Child

When Brittany was younger, there were times where should would be waiting in front of the house b/c she forgot her key, but basically it meant that I probably was in a hospital somewhere and Brittany would wait for someone to get her, if I could get through to someone. Then it became all common. The worse part was that she was starting her teenage life, and you know how kids want to be cool and not wear a jacket?? Wearing ridiculous things for whatever reason, but if I was sick on any day and that could be today, tomorrow or a week later. So if it was snowing, she would sit on the step in front of our house with her instrument and wait. Generally I would pick Brittany up from school and if I didn't and didn't get her a message, she would start walking. If I wasn't going to come, Brittany's dad would come home to take care of her, but I would be hospitalized down in Denver a lot, which meant he went down to Denver to be with me. From a very young age, Brittany grew up because Brittany had to take care of me, which saddens me, but what can I do now? It has already happened. When my husband wants to go up snowboarding, Brittany would have to set the alarm at 6:30 on the weekends to get up to feed me and make sure I took my morning pills. I have slow release pills and it has to be constant in my blood or it would just be painful for a while and the other times I would be so zoned. So it had to be taken at the same time everyday.
(*name was changed for anomity purposes)