I wonder...

I wonder...
am I ever going to get disability?
am I ever going to get out of bed?
am I ever going to get out of being depressed?
am I ever going to stop meddling? has been extra ordinary
I love my family;
I love the people I have met on the way;
I love the people that have inspired me;
I love life...I think?
will I ever change?
probably NOT.


My daughter made it! Not only did she make it, but she made the wind ensemble as well. It was a rough time for all of us, but I'm happy she made it. I am not sure about practice times - which seem to be very lengthy for a youth group. 4 hours in one day. She will be having a heavy work week, every week for at least 8 weeks. I am confident she will be fine.

As far as getting along...she now has a boyfriend. I have no idea how she plans to even deal with boy drama at this time, but she has already said yes. She needs to tell her dad about it (which she has been worried about from even before he asked). I guess this is all part of high school. I just know it has changed a bit since I was there, which wasn't long ago.

I guess I am hoping that the lessons I have learned & have taught her will show.