long week, thank goodness it is over...

Well thank goodness it is Saturday, but I feel like my last week is just the beginning of my future weeks to come. Today, I had to get up early to take my daughter to her game. We are trying to relax now until the next game where we will leave in about 30 minutes. I'm definitely tired. My eyes feel heavy and overall my body just feels worn down. Being a mom during the school year with seasons of sports & year long commitment to music, of course we can't forget the exceptional grade average. I have a rule and I know it may be somewhat "extreme" but it has worked for me. My daughter has to bring home all A's. If not, her hair gets cut up to her ears. That is about the worse type of punishment that she has ever sustained. She got her hair cut for one B. She was quite upset, but I had to follow through. I have to say I was disappointed that she received it. And I kind of knew it wasn't totally her fault since her teacher seemed somewhat biased towards her because she would miss his class quite a bit for sporting activities.



Yesterday was my grandma's birthday. I am unsure as to how old she is...I am assuming she has turned 95. I didn't know what to give or send to her. Generally, I would go and visit my other grandma (when she was alive). I can't visit my grandma now because she is too far away. I can't really leave my family here because my daughter needs to be driven back and forth to all of her activities. I had been feeling horrid because of the dramatic weather changes. I had to take a lot of extra prednisone. I had to stay in bed all of the day today. I'm just tired.


physical therapy

I just had my last physical therapy session for the year 2008. Apparently because of my insurance there is a cap for twenty visits. I still have pool therapy because that's about the only exercise I really get. I can't even find my one-piece swimming suit. I might have to brace them with my bikini. I just try not to do that to anyone because I wouldn't want someone else to do that with me. My mother spent time with me today and the whole hour and a half was enough. She is over again for a few minutes and she is driving me nuts! Why does she have to insist on everything -- her opinions of people on tv to where my daughter is supposed to go to college is driving me CRAZY. Argh, hopefully I don't bite her head off.



Right now I am missing my grandma. I talked with her earlier for a few minutes [as usual]. I just missed visiting with her. I went to the asian market today to pick up a few items and so many things reminded me of her!! My life is just so crazy right now with my daughter and my doctor appointments. I have left my wife duty as my last duty. Will I pay for that?? I am sure in time. My husband continues to support me, but sometimes I feel like he may be bitter because I am no longer working. There are days were I just can't get myself out of the house. I get scared. I get scared of the unknown or the known. Sometimes knowing too much is hurtful. I just need to take a moment and breathe, right? I hear my daughter whining in the background as she begs her father to take her somewhere [probably sonic]. Good thing we only have one child because I can't imagine two whining children. As my mind is being so random...what do I get my grandma? Her birthday is coming up this week. I want to send her a card, but I can't finish one thing. I just start projects and leave it right smack in the middle. Is this an ongoing obsession? Yes, it is. I need to fix it or else my life will just end up as an ongoing project of many nothings.