everyday BURDENS

Here I am, staying home to get better, right? I'm not sure if I am happier or more depressed? My daughter refuses to leave my bedside thinking that I won't wake up after my naps. She is 14, this is the time she spends with her friends having fun. I keep encouraging it, but there is always something...I have filled my days with endless tasks. I try to move it around so there are days where there really isn't much going today. I have a massage scheduled. Due to some unfortunate events, the carpool won't work today. So I have to rush my daughter to camp. I would ask my husband, but he has been stressed out to the tee. I did a phone interview yesterday, taking a significant pay cut, but a job nonetheless. I don't know how long I could last working. I could barely be here and I am at home. Am I asking too much for a regular life? I'm a burden to my daughter, to the point where she won't leave me alone. My husband is working more and more so that he can support us. I really hate feeling this way. I just want to go away and not think about being sick. I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I am tired of being pushed this way and that way. I am obviously just barely surviving.


hi there :D

Thanks to the random people in my life, who help by listening and showing me that there is much more. I have officially re-started bible study. My mission is to read the book of Matthew. Or at least that is where I am picking up :) Thank you for listening, as always.