...everything falls into place...

Finally, things are looking up for us. If we didn't go to court and get a ruling...I would have needed to move in with a relative. Yes, we all know how that feels.
At this moment I haven't really slept at all. I was up at 6 a.m. and I believe I went to sleep around 2ish/3ish? I'm in a bit of pain, but nothing like a few things to help with mobiliity around the house. If I lay sideways, my left eye tears...and it just gets yucky. Then I feel like I have a cold. So I am trying the hardest not to lay down that way.
Hmmm...just right now I feel like I was back at work...calling, IMing, receiving text messages, going online trying to figure out everything for my family. I was just going to try to relax...that went out the door, quickly.
ahhh, okay I'm supposed to be trying to get travel information to go and visit my BFF with the whole entourage! It has been a long time since we've all been together. Who has ever used airplane miles? OMG, I never thought I would be so confused. I want to see how many miles it will take to book a rental car? As I dig around the website...maybe I'll have to call someone that actually has used their miles for anything. I've never used them. I just thought it was nice to collect miles, so why not?
Now I am losing my voice. Yes, I love that feeling, NOT! Today, I miss my friends. I can actually say that I haven't said that in a long time! I've been really depressed and I don't know what else to do...I just canceled one wedding invite, that I had said that I was going to go, but then my health came into play, then I canceled. I feel really bad and I will still send a gift, but now I'm wondering if we should go still? I will just buy a gift in case we go or not - then we will all be set, right?
My Husband has a doctor appointment this afternoon. He never goes to the doctor, but since things are lightening up on my end...we are going to see what's buggin' - you know what I mean. He hasn't been the most pleasant person. And I know the person I loved is somewhere in that mess. I know that he had some issues because of my illness and I thought he took care of it. Apparently, he said something along the lines of ... I'll talk to the doctor and we'll talk about it later. Hmm...I want to go along. But no doctor wants to hear from someone's wife on how their patient feels. Yes, I have too much information on how to deal with an office visit. I guess I try to do the same thing with my daughter...but then again, as a minor, I have the ability to speak to her doctor and be in the room when they go through their exam. Who knows?? Maybe he's having his mid-life crisis. Ahhh, let's hope not b/c I don't think that I will survive one right at this moment.