a SAD moment

Last night, my family and I just hanging out in the master bedroom. My husband just got dog food and new toys for the boys. Thai left his baby somewhere in the house --Max's baby was in our room. He [Max] looked sad. He didn't play with his toy, nor the ball that was right there, but just walked right past it and laid on the ground. Thai on the other hand, was playing with Max's toy, amusing himself. I just realized that Max was getting old. He was even acting old. I had him get on the bed with me and my husband, but he wouldn't chipper up. He laid down next to my husband, looking very sad.

I'm scared of my reaction if anything happens to Max. I want to take him to the vet, but I am also scared of getting news, if any. He is almost 7 years old, but he is a large dog.

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