My Neurologist Appointment Today

I had to see Dr. Ginsberg today, after my appointment with him, they managed to get me in to see Dr. Charney (Rheumatologist) tomorrow. I have a Cytoxan treatment on Friday and probably have to see Dr. Klein (Neprhologist), but I really don't want to. BTW, I did find out that I was taking the wrong dose of Keppra. I was supposed to take 2000 mg a day, not 1000 mg. I also got Lidocaine patches. Oh and I also have the damn cream. How much lidocaine does a person need again?

Did I tell you how much I hate Access-a-Ride? It was awful. There were days where I would be on the bus for more than 2 hours. It was exhausting...I had to take more medications and was more uncomfortable than I had ever been. Other than that, it would be the total opposite, I would be at work in less than 20 minutes...feeling sick and nausea all the time. My left foot was hurting, so I had to wrap it and use a damn cane. Then it moved up to my inner leg and I had to wrap that up and use a cane. Now my hip hurts. What the hell?

On Friday, I totally lost my mind. I had it with work, they were upset that I was 15 minutes late, even though I was picked up at 6:15 a.m. and live less than 19 miles away from work. The workplace didn't want to hear the excuse, but then they complained because I used the business line right away (to make a complaint to RTD), so they categorize it as "personal" use. Oh brother!! Yea, it was dumb. I left early, had my husband come and pick me up and cried all the way home. I don't know what I want to do with myself. I haven't been feeling too good, but then again the fact that I just want to be "normal" is killing me!

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