I never knew a test like this existed until now...but an EEG is basically like an EKG, but on your head. I went to the hospital, checked-in and sat and waited...wondering who will come to get me and where to go next. A older man in a white jacket calls out my name...I get up and walk with him down these halls to a part of the hospital that I haven't visited before [& the hospital is like my home away from home]. He asks if I need to use the restroom because the proceedure is about ninety minutes long, I won't be able to go after they attach the stuff to my head. I decide, it would be best if I tried [at least] to go. I walked into a very small bathroom, still thinking in my head, what is this test going to be like? I walk into a room, where he directs me into and sit in a lounging type of chair with a white sheet over it. He asks if I am comfortable and how I was feeling that day...then he moves on to as to why do I need such testing. I give him the details of why the doctor is ordering these tests and how he personally knows Dr. Ginsberg. I start to tell him my story of how I found out I had Lupus & how many doctors I see at the hospital, while he is using little alcohol pads and rubbing patches of my scalp, pretty hard and attaching these sensors about 22 of them, to be exact. He even puts them on my ear lobes, which really felt strange. I have to sign a few waivers about being audio/video taped during the testing. He puts blankets on me and turns off the lights, while he sits outside of this little white room that I was in, he makes me more comfortable by making my lounge chair lean all the way back, as if I am laying to take a nap. He said that they would encourage that I try to get some shut eye, but if not, just day dream...altho I had to keep my eyes closed. Well it was just like I took a nap in a very dark room. It was actually pleasant for once, except for the glue balls that I had to pick out of my hair afterwards. I still don't know what the results were and I am sure I will find out soon enough.

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