Heathrow Airport

We get to the airport in Heathrow, we have five hours before our next plane leaves. Sam & I were going to leave to go to Central London, but with our luck, we decided to just stay in the airport and shop. We buy little and big stuff, here and there. Hiding from both my aunt and my mother. At every place that we buy things, I am to show my boarding pass so they won't charge tax. Well -as I quickly forget, since I was a passenger that needed assistance, they put me and Sam in the "Serenity Room" and ask that we stay there at our leisure and someone will take us [when it was time] to our next boarding gate. In the midst of the shopping frendzie and being hungry...I realize that I can't find my boarding pass. What the heck? I went back to all the stores and no one has it. I end up at the "customer service" desk [again] to ask for another boarding pass. As they print it out...I hear someone calling my name, it's my aunt! OMG! I left Sam at the restaurant & just ordered food while I ran around trying to find my damn boarding pass. I tell auntie that we are at the restaurant and she comes over and talks up a storm. I tell her about the fight I had with my mother and she just said why do you accept her invitation to go places, when you obviously don't get along? I just tell her I don't know. She finally goes away because Sam and I convince her that my mom is probably looking for her and she is planning on sitting with her and not with us. We both run the "Serenity Room" only to find out that they have been holding my boarding pass, ha! They transport us all the way to the other side of the airport for our flight. We get put in a special seating area and get boarded first with the crew. As we wait until they clear the airplane, we were freezing! We finally get on the plane and make the long journey home. We both were clearly ready to go home. While on our way back to Denver, an hour to mom comes up to us and she says sorry, she didn't mean to upset me & finally realized the last time she used the credit card was in Venice. It was surreal [both my daughter and I have never heard her say sorry, ever.] Then, next thing, my aunt starts to look for us, as we hide behind our brochures [yes, we are terrible]. She finally finds us and wants me to basically call her husband because she thinks that we are flying in an hour early. That was not the case...we were late. Sam & I were told to wait for assistance to get off the plane. Someone finally came for us after everyone de-boarded the plane. We were taken by the buggie to the customs & I was transferred into a wheelchair. We were given priority with the crew members to clear customs. Even though we got through faster, well our luggage, that was a different story. One luggage came out right away, the other, well was one of the last luggages to come out. I didn't have the arm strength to wheel myself out...and she couldn't push the luggages out and wheel me too. They wouldn't let my husband past through, so we were kind of stuck. Someone one finally helped least to the door. I was so happy to see my husband. I was just happy to be home.

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