I turned 30, what now???

I turned 30 on February 15. It seemed like an ordinary day...little did I know what laid ahead of me. My best friend from high school flew in that afternoon so that we could have dinner together. We went to my favorite restaurant, Bloom in Broomfield. Later that evening, we went to pick up her brother & two cousins from Denver International Airport. Friday, I had to apply for my daughter's passport, expedited, nonetheless. In the morning, we get ready to go to Eldora, but I had to run a couple of errands before turning in our application. We finally get it submitted and went up to Eldora. It was white-out conditions, 10 inches of fresh snow and it continued to snow. I was excited because I have not been able to snowboard for almost two years because of the activity of my Lupus. I was gung ho, went up the bunny slope once with my daughter & friend. The second time up, my daughter & I get off the lift & of course, we fall. We look @ each other & laughed! I strap on my snowboard, as she did & suddenly I didn't feel so good. Next thing you know...I wake up to people around me asking me what my name is...confused...I wasn't sure...& now I was in a building. They said I suffered a seizure while up on the mountain, they cut open my shirt to try to put the iv in & attached several things to me...I believe they did an EKG, they had me on 15 liters of oxygen for about an hour. They tried to intubate me & I started to vomit. I told them that I felt better. Next thing I know, I am being transported down by an ambulance, then to another ambulance down to Boulder Community Hospital. While in the ambulances...they try [yet again] to put an iv in me...everywhere...on both my hands, writsts, arms, etc...I didn't get an iv in until I got to the hospital. I got put on a padded down gurney...I guess if I had anothe seizure it was just there for precaution. I had another EKG & catscan...& all I wanted to do was leave. I signed the papers & jetted out of there. Since they cut open my shirt...I didn't really have I got to wear paper pants, hospital gown & non-slip socks. I would call this my "episode".

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