My trip to London, umm...where to start? Tired is where I started...we got there, unpacked & was just exhausted. We stayed at a very trendy hotel called the Trafalgar London, which took us forever to get there because of major traffic jams. I had hired a private car to take us, but I think we would have gotten there sooner by taking the subway or something??
My daughter and I were adventurous and wandered around the city by ourselves, taking the buses and subway & doing pretty good. We even found the ghetto mall, haha! We took silly pics that came out on little stickers. We just had fun together.
The next day, we met up with my aunt, who came from Rome. We went shopping. Everything was so expensive because the dollar just sucks! But she was nice enough to buy each my daughter and I, 50 pounds worth of stuff. We didn't get much, but that was pretty cool. That's almost $100 per person.
We leave soon to find an older airport in London to get on our way to Venice, Italy.

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