i'm oblivious

I'm oblivious to the obvious. It is so weird how things just seem to work itself out. It could be a matter of time or just...

My daughter is reading, The Diary of Anne Frank, First Anchor Books Edition, March 1996. It is so weird, but I guess it shouldn't be, but I read this book as an adolescent. I don't remember any details except for it being a bad time, war.

Is that so bad that my memory is only limited to that? I guess I could say that I don't remember anything, but I do. The things that I think about in my head, basically gets lost in translation, before I can type it. I almost feel robotic about it.

I am 31 and my daughter is 13, ironic? Nah, it is just a counter of our lives. I am looking for a book. I vaguely remember it, but I have no idea where it is. I have looked in all the usual places, but still I can't seem to find it. My options are pretty limited, if I do indeed have the book, it is probably in the basement. My reason for the search is to find a picture, a rare one.

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