Another week has passed and here we go on to the next one. My crazy life is just filled with so many activities, it could make your head spin. I had to go over to my neurologist's office today to pick up some samples of Lyrica (Yes, my pain in the ass insurance gets funded on the 15th and today is the 10th). I was having chest pain, but I have had it over the weekend. It is like when my hand or leg starts to cramp up and I have no the blood accumulates in an area and it hardens, turns kind of purplish and I have to massage it or almost hit it to let go. I have been having that on my chest. Moreover to the left side and I massage it throughout the day.
Local Homeless Shelter
Tonight, my daughter and I go with our church to feed the local homeless shelter. My aunt buys all the food (funds from the church), they prepare it, cook it and then serve it. Since I am working, I will only serve and help clean up.
8 to 5 Grind
Today, I go back to working 8 to 5, like the normal person. I generally work 8 to 4:30 in the winter because of light issues. I have night blindness. I really depend on my navigation when I am in areas that I don't know. I try to stay to areas where I know and have memorized streets and fixtures.

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