Since then...

My never-ending saga continues...and I have finally heard from my nephrologist that I do not have to do the Cytoxan treatments. Yay! Finally, good news, right? As of my last post, I am finally on so many anti-seizure or just plain out seizure meds that my memory has left me. The only reason I even remembered this site was...while I was going through the pages of my daily book, I saw scribblings on the side with regard to this site. Not only did it take me a LONG time to even realize what my user name and password was, but inevitably, my life is full of days that are missing. My family has told me about my changes. My disregard for everyone else's feelings, except mine. Yes, selfish me. I hope that I can vent online for a better person, in person. If that made any sense.

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