all of us are tired...all of us are dragging our lifeless bodies around...everyone seems to have a temper...and yet there is no feeling of any relief in future.

I came home today about 9 p.m. I had to wrap up my left wrist and lower arm because it hurt so badly. It had been bothering me all day, but I continue to ignore it. I finally came home and decided that it had to be wrapped. I am almost ready to take pain meds, but I am trying to hold off.

My daughter lost her IPOD. My husband just got it for her not too long ago. Either someone took it or she dropped it, then someone took it. I already e-mailed the administrative lady at her school to let her know if someone turns it in, if they could let us know.

My husband is being very ass like today. I guess I shouldn't say that, but I'm in a terrible mood and all he can do is ask me questions that make me crazy right about now. I just need to take some "me" time and relax before I take it out on my loved ones.

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