friends...and WORK

As I travel in time, my friends come to mind. They have been with me through everything. Besides my husband and daughter coming along. My childhood friends are still there. I can't believe how long we have been friends and how the old jokes still flow. The overwhelming feeling of seeing so many people at one time and trying to remember these people was the hardest. I guess the only enemies I have now are co-workers. Who knew it would be so hard to work with certain people? Maybe I'm just hard to deal with? Nah, everyone always has a problem because I don't look sick that I can't be sick. Why I take so much time off? Why this and that? Who cares? Apparently, they do...when you think management would take care of such doesn't happen.
I am supposed to go on a job interview this afternoon. I hate starting all over, but there is only so much I can take from this job. Maybe it is really time for me to apply for disability? I just can't imagine what it will do to our dual income right now. Plus, to be alone all day, everyday, would be another story. I would probably go insane or overwork myself. I tend to do that when I am at home. Although, if I had to take care of my grandma that would be great. I am doubtful this will happen, but if I could get approved for disability and move my grandma out here, I can spend a lot of time with her before she passes away. It is only a dream.

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