Finally, I got Social Security Disability. It only took a little over two years!! This will save my family home. I have been praying so much. Also, asking prayers from all of my friends and family. At the hearing...I wasn't even sure if it was really approved because the Judge said something...I couldn't really hear, but I know the Judge asked all of us to leave the courtroom. As we left, my attorney turned to me and hugged me and said that we won!! I didn't want to get too excited until I see physical writing that I was approved. My order came today, six pages long, finally at the end - it claimed me disabled. Thank you Lord!! Now, I have to deal with the paperwork to get myself on medicaid and medicare. Which will really relieve the pressure on our finances. I don't even know what to do or say or anything. Ugh, I took a large, deep breath and let it go. It feels light...something lifted from my body, my mind, pressure has been relieved. Thank you, I will keep you posted.

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