One thing that "BUGs" me is the fact that I am so random...things go in & out of my head...I was never like this...but as this disease progresses, I get worse. I can talk about one thing, then another...just way off. I never really have a steady stream of thought. As I was once known for my reliablity [strength], I am no longer Ms. Reliable. I think I do remember a time, when my daughter was still young...she turned to me and said "mommy, why can't you remember anymore?" I felt crushed. As if my whole world around me stopped. My little girl, who looked up to me, depended on me, says something that OPEN my eyes. Now, I depend on her. She is twelve years old, she is somewhat a normal girl turning into a teenager, but then she is also a little bit more mature. I think it is because she takes care of me. When she was young, we always limited how much information we would tell her about my disease. Now she knows better. I'm kind of sad to know that my daughter had to grow up so fast because of me & this terrible disease.

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