Why am I so emotional? I want everything to be my way, but it never is. I am being stubborn and selfish right now & I really don't care. It's nothing huge, but what's wrong with me? I know it is wrong, yet I continue to push until it's MY way. I have a problem, that I definitely know I have, yet I don't I continue to be STUBBORN. How far will this get me? It probably won't last long, but enough to ruin my family's night. I just want to sleep, sleep it off. But I know it won't happen. My family will just push and push. But I will continue to push the other way, until it's my way. What to do? Hmm...I know it can't be this way forever. Oh well, I guess I'll have to either push myself or maybe I'll come to my senses [doubtful].

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