I wrote an email to my daughter one day at work because she was being so difficult when I talked to her on the phone. I encouraged her to go out and hang out with her friends and she refused. I think she was scared that my husband would be upset. But I had already talked to him about it. She spends all of her free time taking care of me, that I think she needs a break, needs to remember she is still a child or adolescent & have fun. I was practically forcing the point, well we aLL got mad. She wrote me back, telling me that she was sorry for making me sick. She thinks that she made me sick?? I told her that God made me that way. Yes, it is stressed induced - but in no way has she caused my condition. It was so sad, she was sad. I guess I didn't know quite what to tell her after. But I just reassured her that it was not because of her that I was sick. I wanted to cry and just cringe. Why would my twelve year old daughter think such a thing? I love her to death and maybe overcompensated for her well being. It seems like one day she was the child, now I am the child.

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