My appointment with my neurologist this am

I went to see my neurologist today. Of course, while waiting in the waiting room...I was having another episode. I started to see the spots, as if I was about loose consciousness. I took a few candies in a jar & asked for water. My doctor came out to the waiting room to look for me & I heard him calling my name. I had pulled up a chair by the water fountain because I started breaking out in a sweat, feeling faint [again]. I came for this appointment specifically to get clearance to drive again. Of course, I didn't get the clearance. I wanted answers, but I didn't get any. I didn't want anymore testing, yet I am scheduled for two more diagnostic testing. I am leaving the country on the 12th of March, so that means I have one week to get an EEG, MRI & a follow up appointment with my neurologist ALL before I leave. I keep asking for a miracle. Because it will be a LONG week. All my neurologist said was that we are probably going to put me on [yet] another medication for epilepsy. Yes, I am so excited, NOT! But we are going to wait for results before deciding what type of medications I would need to be on. I talked with a fellow lupus group support member & she was telling me how Lupus can mimick epilepsy.

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