My current medications as of today

Cytoxan 1250 mg
Zofran 8 mg
Prednisone 5 mg
Plaquenil 200 mg - 2xday
Cymbalta 60 mg
Zaroxlyn 5 mg
Xanex 1 mg - 6/7xday
Amitryptline 10 mg
Vicodin - as needed
Vicoprofen - as needed
Tramadol - as needed
Ultracet - as needed
Balacet - as needed
Ambien 10 mg - as needed
Ambien CR 20 mg - as needed
Restoril 30 mg - as needed
Benadryl 75 mg
Zyrtec-D - as needed
Allegra - as needed
*well I know I forgot some, as I remember them, I will update my list.
Glycolax [white powdery stuff that I mix in my drink] x 1 day
stool softeners x 4 day
laxatives x 4 day
[Yes, I realize there is a lot of stuff for going bathroom, but until I can cut my stress in half, I still have issues going, it's TERRIBLE].

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