My whacked family...& the cell phone world...why are we so dependent on wireless? Everything is wireless these days...people can get a hold of you, basically in your sleep. So my husband & I are going to invest in buying new cell phones, yet again. How many does this make it? Too many. We had the feature of getting personal email, text, etc...put on our [so-called] phones. So we took the deep plunge. As if my family didn't get to find me as it is already...they reach me by text, im, email, cell or by phone...My daughter desperately wants a razor, so I will give her mine, as soon as I receive my new phone. She is already on a rampage to get my phone painted [lime green]. Yes, lovely, huh? She was never one to be just Ms. Plain [which is great, b/c she is little Miss Independent].
Tonight my family is planning on going over to my sister-in-law's place to have korean bbq. Yes, another evening at that place...well of course, I didn't go last night...& they ended up coming home early and blaming me [b/c I didn't go, said I wanted to sleep]. Everything is my fault, b/c I didn't drag myself over to be Ms. Grump! Hahaha!
I tried to get a hold of my fellow Lupus sufferer, but I have yet to get a hold of her. I hope she is okay. She is usually online 24/7, but I haven't seen her online lately.
So my husband kind of looked over and saw that I blogging about our "family" & he said...I live with lupus...b/c of me. [Rebar] But so true. Even my daughter said the same thing. I guess b/c they ALL have to live with me. I <3 my [immediate] family. They make me laugh for no [apparent] reason.

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