different, Really??

Well I'm not sure if time has changed at all. I feel like sometimes I have been snapped out of time and taken to a different place. I just dealt with my daughter's supposed "best buddie" or whom I thought was her good friend. We spent many months talking to each other, going out together, etc. I finally talked to his parents today and it was so weird...he was so angry and now refuses to even talk to my daughter. I kind of felt bad that I intruded, but I usually know all of my daughter's friends and their parents...I'm not sure what was the difference between this child and another??

Later, I also find out that his girlfriend has been giving my daughter grief about not having boobs. It will come in time, if she doesn't have any, then that girl has nothing to worry about...I think she's just jealous of my daughter and how the guys like her just the way she is - self defiant. I see a lot of her in me. I can't say that excites me, but I know a man that chooses her or she chooses will have to have lots of patience with her. I can definitely tell she won't be one of those women -- that takes orders, but gives them.

I am still sick and yet to go to bed. I feel terrible. Well actually I feel okay right about now. I took all of my medications and I am wide awake. Don't ask me how...but for some apparent reason, my husband is out like a light bulb and I am awake as if the sun never set. I miss just being so carefree.

I talked to my family today about maybe taking some time off and not husband was a little bit scared by the dramatic effect it would take on our finances. I don't know what I was thinking, but I was definitely feeling it when I wanted to go to this lunch thing at my daughter's school. To think that I would have to take an extra hour just for driving just seemed insane! Although I am getting paid a lot of money at this place to answer the money worth more than time?? I would beg to differ. Of course, you can always get used to spending more than spending less, plus with all of my health dilemmas it would cost an arm and a leg for me to go to all of my docs. I don't know what I want for now...let's just say I am very undecided right now.

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