a New day!!

Well I'm kind of excited today. I get to leave work early today to go home and be with my daughter at her school [probably embarassing her] which is more like it. Today is some sort of school event and she will have her last band concert today. Her band teacher is retiring due to her RA [rheumatoid arthritis] something that I know too well. I sent her a lei - in celebration of her new beginning, retirement. I hope she enjoys it. I still need to pick up a card for her and probably give it to her tonight.

Today, I also get to see my Best Friend. She will come out to see Sam's concert and go back to Denver to be with her friend for one more day, then will come to stay with us Friday night until early Tuesday morning. I miss her so much! I got her 30th birthday present, but I wanted to put a more recent picture in the frame I got her so I will take a new one of both of us being trendy, flirty & thirty, ha! I took that from her blog! Although, you could take out the flirty part on my end cause I have a man and no need for more drama in this woman's life, ha!

I did get up early this morning and got a list going of stuff my husband needed to do for my office. I have decided to get moving on some projects instead of leaving them half way done. I tend to do that these days because I get tired. Then I loose all concentration and my health just always [I mean ALWAYS] gets in the way. I needed a break from my health.

This morning, I woke up sweating, feeling like I was being held down. So strange, I was kind of scared. Two nights ago - I had incontinence in a store. I was just browsing around a store looking for a desk in my "official" office. It was quite embarassing. I just threw my panty away [well I wrapped it up several times - like a tampon] and just went bare. I couldn't see out of one eye [yes, I know it sounds really bad], but I was close to home and instead of having my husband come and get me, I just drove home [yes, that is really bad]. Today, as I was driving into work, I literally fell asleep at the wheel, almost hitting a couple of cars as I came out of the HOV lane, people were honking [yes, I was quite embarassed and yes, I know how dangerous that was]. I usually chew gum, but my daughter had taken it out of the car, but that is no excuse. I need to get this thing under control. I have had it with these damn seizures or whatever they think they are?? Now talking about a heart condition, umm...I don't think so. I'm tired of being probed, tested & looked at like some gone bad science project. I just want to be a normal jane for now. I want to be a mother, wife and a loving friend - who doesn't forget everything! I feel like I have suffered a loss [like death]. I need to mourn the fact that I can't be all that and more, anymore. Okay that rhymed, hee:)

I'm super bored at work...been reduced to watching movies and doing word searches. Yes, very eventful. At least today won't be as long because I leave a noon, yeah!

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