Band Concert

As I took half the day off to go to my daughter's school to participate in an outdoor picnic, plus tonight was her last band concert in 7th grade. As soon as I was done at one place, then to the next, and next - I am exhausted.

The band concert was a little over an hour long - whew! I took a pain pill and additional seizure medications...hoping that I don't have an episode at her school and making a big scene. I had ordered an Hawaiian Lei for her band teacher - and let her know that she has been a motivator [inspiration] for our daughter to push harder and become a "musician". Sam and I also picked her up symphony chocolate and a singing card. The one thing was that I forgot to do was tell Sam about the lei. Oops, just a little mistake, hee:) Her band teacher seemed to love it and was very excited that it had came ALL the way from Hawaii. It was a happy day.

After the band concert, I kept telling Tony to go on his bike ride and pick me up some incense for my bath. He kept saying he had a bad feeling. I didn't even know anything was happening. Next thing I knew, she came in to tell me that he finally asked her to be his girlfriend and she said sure! It was a happy day.

We come home and I tell her to tell her dad right away, so it doesn't look like she is hiding anything. I didn't tell him that I bought her a book called the "Datable Book" at the Christian Family Store. I didn't realize how a book can have such an effect on a person. But it helped her with this "dating" issue. I can't imagine her doing anything that we didn't approve of, plus I was proud [especially] because she was honest, even knowing that her father would have a [literal] meltdown. I encouraged her that I trusted her and that I would talk to her father. Her dad needs some space and he is definitely pissed off. Anything that I say now, he'll just be more pissed off. They are kids, and she is very strong willed. The boy seems to be shy and definitely not threatening in any way. Even Tony had the same reaction when he first saw him. The first time I saw him, it was from afar...and we all know that my eyesight is SUPER [NOT]! Our daughter growing up...hoping that her dad won't go CRAZY, but he'll probably be suspicious for a while. I will pray and hope that God will lead me in some advice as to help him feel better about the situation.

Nite nite!!

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