my damn day...head [ache]

I started off with a bad headache. My husband totally had a COW because of my daughter's new friend [boyfriend]. He is a [little] strange. He is 13, but does not have a cell phone or use IM. I don't know...I guess our families these days are so wired to the net as an outlet I thought it was strange. I don't know anything about the boy [apparently] my daughter has the same issue. We live in a small town and I know all of my daughter's friends, parents, and just people in general [we live in a five mile sqare town].

I worked today, but I guess you can call me an overpriced receptionist or a very expensive one. The paralegal and I were pretty frustrated, because this job is the most we both have made and the least amount of work. Yes, sometimes it is good, but all the time?? I would like to think I am doing something fulfilling in life. I got to watch the movie "rent", almost cried at the end, but I was at work. I have been working on this book - word search. Yes, I am an exciting person.

I came home a little early, but stopped at Safeway to pick up some prescriptions and crap a little grocery. The pharmacist working today - thinks I'm a drug addict or something because he ALWAYS gives me trouble when filling my prescriptions...almost like harassment. He is a fill in pharmacist. I actually know the pharmacists there pretty well. I was even invited to one of their weddings and have been on some social outings with them. Strange, huh? To have such a personal relationship with your pharmacist? I guess I take LOTS of drugs.

I took my usual bath, feeling really weird and tingly...tired, head foot froze up...had to take a Vicodin and took Keppra and I still feel terrible. I am laying down on the couch trying to relax as my husband parades around the house with this vaccum that he has been torturing me to buy. I think it was an "overpriced" value. I guess because we do use a vaccum quite often with two shedding dogs and my daughter having asthma. But I understand the longetivity of the vaccum is supposed to weigh out the cost. He did pretty good, used the coupons I gave him and saved $150, which is pretty amazing for him.

My girlfried [best friend] from Saipan went river rafting today and is going down to Parker to have dinner at some posh restaurant. She wanted us to meet her there for dinner, but it is too far for me. I told her that my husband would pick her up...and she was like - how come you aren't coming? I said that I don't do well in the car too long and plus I don't feel so well. I can't be left alone so my daughter will stay with me.

I did get to talk to my other girlfriend [best best friend], her dad who had a stroke finally got transferred to her facility [where she works] which is good so she can personally care for him, but he fell this morning [again], trying to go to the bathroom. I feel so bad for him and the family. I told them he was in our prayers. He is really having a hard time realizing that he does have right side paralysis and still can't speak. He is responsive because he nods and attempts to talk. I wish he would get better soon.

Now I am rambling I usually do. Apparently, I was doing stuff in my sleep again. I wrote an email to my daughter's band teacher and told a really embarassing story about what I did when I was my daughter's age. I couldn't believe it. But I guess it wasn't too bad. What is the matter with me? Why do I need to have so much information or just know . . . it makes me crazy not to know, ya know. Even if it isn't my business. Although, it may be tiring at times...I think it entertains me. I guess enough for now, ta ta!

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