lazy day...

Today is Sunday and I have yet to make it out bed. My husband gave me my medications this morning, got me some breakfast and my daughter cut up strawberries [my favorite] and that's it! My husband has stayed in bed with me, plus my lab - Maxie. He's getting old...and I know it is kind of useless and very random. But we got postcards in the mail to remind us of our other lab's birthday. Then I remembered that Max will be 7 this year, he's 49 years old [doggie years]!! They say that labs usually have a life span of 10 to 15 years, if they are in good health. OMG, I am not sure what I would do without my Max! He has been through my good and bad times. He always stayed with me after I would have my cytoxan treatments because [I think] he knew that I felt really bad. When I would cry, he would lay down next to me and let me cry on him. Sometimes I talk to him too and it is so weird, because it seems like he can understand me. Yes, I know that sounds strange. Dogs are great, they love you no matter what - that is what I called "unconditional love".

My daughter is taking a bath, she takes the other lab in the bathroom with her and let's him lay down next to the tub. He loves to eat the bubbles and tries to always find the animal scrubbie, hee:) He's so cute!! Although, there are times when I think he'll actually take the BIG plunge into the bathtub for that scrubbie!

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