an Itch, an Allergy, a COLD!

I am at work today. Where else would I be?? Anyhow, I got up pretty early, but left the house late because of my ensemble. It just took me forever and then I couldn't find the right shoes, well you was just one of those "indecisive" days.

My husband [poor thing] has been suffering from allergies [he thinks], but I think it's a cold! My daughter also has been suffering from [dunno] but has been sneezing like crazy! I am not sure if it is allergies or a cold?? How can you tell the difference? I am totally itchy today. I am about to rip my skin off. I had to wear a sweater so I couldn't touch my arms because I keep scratching. Yesterday, I took a shower and I could feel the tingling on my legs, arms & face -- itchy. Maybe I'm allergic to the soap, shampoo or lotion? Who knows. Now my sinuses are draining. Yes, lovely, huh?

I went to lunch at the grocery store to buy benadryl and realized that I should've also bought the regular bendaryl. I asked a co-worker, while she is at lunch to pick me up some. Because I don't think the benadryl - allergy and cold is cutting it. My husband called me a few minutes ago, about itching his eyes out. I just told him to go to a local grocery store and get visine and benadryl. I hope my daughter is surviving at school.

I had the hardest time figuring out a name for my lupus team that will be walking in the ALR in Denver on September 29th. I called my friends that would have catchy and creative ideas. Unfortunately I was unable to reach any of them. I was left with my daughter and -- well the name is something I wouldn't have picked, but it is kind of catchy?? I will have to get shirts made up for it too. Good thing it is still far away. I am also trying to see about sponsorship and how that will work out. I have never done this before, but they call is the "ask" letter. I want to give out information, but not too much information, you know??

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