rain drops keep falling on my head...

I barely make it home from work today. I guess the unexpected rain, traffic, or just plain old being tired . . . I started to feel like I was choking by my seatbelt. Then I could barely move. I kept calling my dependable family [NOT]. All of them, inclulding my daughter's friend's cell and they all ignored me. I made it to my driveway and almost lose consciousness. My daughter finally came to my aid with medications. My husband's response was if you didn't rely on your meds so much maybe you would be okay. Nice, huh? Sometimes those insensitive moments...well their shitty.

I talked to my best friend today because she could definitely tell that I needed her. She brought a smile to my face. She let me hear what I didn't want to hear...which sometimes brings you back to reality.

Today was rainy, gloomy and sad, just as my daughter was because she missed her boyfriend by minutes. He must've logged on 20 times to try to catch her inbetween whatever he was doing. She keeps waiting & waiting that I finally told her to log off because she looked a little desperate. I told her that he would eventually write her an email. She didn't believe so. I can't sheild my daughter from everything, the inevitable may happen, a broken heart.

Love? Why do we love? Why do we even like? We go where our hearts leads anyways. We have no control no matter how much we try to...but love -- so unpredictable.

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