Yeah...the A/C is FIXED!!

I finally went to up early and called at 8 a.m., then by 10 a.m. the repairman was at my house & by noon he was done and it was fixed. Oh yes, for a price though. It did cut into my father's day budget. Oh well, I am sure my husband can't be too disappointed. I tried, right? I got him another flat screen tv. Since he broke the other one...and we just can't see on the really small t.v. that we are currently using and the wall just looks BAD. Also, I don't want to encourage his BAD behavior. Oh well, my daughter and I put it in the basement. Hopefully, father's day this year won't be sooo bad.

I went to my friend's baby's baptismal. Well technically I missed the baptism because of the repairman, so I made it to the potluck. Oooh, I love babies, but only for so long, hee:) They are so cute and cuddly, then they grow up.

I am SUPER tired today, but I am trying not to sleep too early. I have been all weird all week long. Trying to take all of my meds, which reminds me that I almost forgot to take all of my medication today. It was so dumb, I had to turn around and go back home to have my daughter get them.

I think maybe I am spending too much time with my daughter and her boyfriend. I am like their third wheel. I kind of intervene in their conversations, etc. I need to find a life?? Technically, I do have a busy life, I just multitask, ontop of each and other thing that I am doing. Why can't I relax? I'm probably going to hurt myself before I ever slow down.

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