I finally got home after my long day. I went to my daughter's school and met with every single teacher, with the exception of one. I run to the grocery store to pick up my refill of Cymbalta and Restoril & I seriously hate my HSA plan. My work made it seem like they were going to pay my $2,000 deductible. Well they are, in time. Apparently, it is a coy way of keeping an employee. They fund it each month so that if you quit they didn't pay your full deductible. Yes, it SUCKS. I had to call my husband to bring my HSA checkbook and write another check for the balance. Let's say it was over $200. I decided to do a little grocery shopping while I was waiting. Well I ended up doing quite a bit of shopping. Now, I barely can keep my eyes open and realize that I need gas. I just do it. I get gas, yes while the car is running, as I am freezing. My daughter and I are in the car, trying to get warm and finally it's finished, yay!! My Raynaud's sets in and my hands are aching. I get home, grab the mail and head upstairs. First thing, take out contacts, take off clothes and jump into a hot bath. OOOoh, just what I needed for my sore feet and body. I re-registered my daughter for high school on the recommendations from the parent/teacher conferences. Now...I'm just hooked to being online. I check my e-mail and decide to post a little blurb. Ha!

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