This morning was quite the painful experience. I could barely open my eyes and my right eye just aches. My feet ache horridly, but worse, my whole body just hurts. I am moving in super slow speed. I managed to get to work and sit here. I took a Vicoprofen, waiting for that to take into effect, my knees are just aching as I sit here. My boss asks why i'm not all happy and bushy tailed? I explain that I am in pain. He asks why? I say I woke up that way. I have worked here for over a year and ever since I have started, I have always been open about my Lupus. But for some reason, they don't get it. My firm even donated for the Lupus Walk last September and have always been manageable with my time and doctor appointments. Everyone just sees my physical appearance and nothing else. I see these people five days a week, at least 10 hours a day. I take medication every day and until just recently have been able to stop my Cytoxan treatments. Do I have to look like I'm dying to feel like I'm dying? Argh...

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