I have a family history of dimentia. My maternal grandmother suffered from it, but lived a long lengthy life until her mid 90's. She passed away in August of 2006. I wonder if dimentia is hereditary? I guess you can catch anything these days from the water we drink to the food we eat, someone always has a comment. I am 31 years old and I feel like I am 80. I can remember some things, but in the blink of an eye...it is forgotten, almost like the wind, gusting through. I have random thoughts all the time. It could be something I just remembered to do or merely a weird fact. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I catch myself thinking of it. I just talked to my aunt. She is the youngest of my mother's sisters -- she thought she had to pick up my daughter from school to take her to lacrosse. I sent her an email stating: can I come over while [my daughter] is at lacrosse? I don't even begin to know how she got picking her up for a game? My evenings are kind of the same thing...come and go. I may wake up, I may just sleep like the dead. Other times...I sleepwalk and do things...which upset my entire family. But actually, my daughter says I am much better at waxing her in my sleep! I guess realistically, I just hope I don't get to inherit this...since I am already confused. I can't imagine myself at that age...knowing what the hell I am doing?

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