Geeze, I just lost my whole blog! Now I will have to try to remember all the things I said?? Hmm...

I can tell I was sleeping while I was typing "World Lupus Day" because I had to make minor changes to spelling and some grammar checks. I have always had a problem with sleepwalking, ever since I was a small child. My mom used to tell me stories, where I would pick up magazines and try to go out the front door. Until this day, I still do the same, except I actually sew, post blogs, pay bills, etc. I think you get the point and of course, while I am sleeping I can make some crazy mistakes. I get very emotional as well -- I talk on the phone, write letters, yes, I am starting to sound like a crazy psych patient.

I ran to the grocery store. Even though I sent my husband to the grocery store three times last night and he forgot to buy my kleenex for my car. I have to have the small one that fits in the middle console. Yes, I am OCD like that. I bought a few extra to keep in the trunk. I have tissues every where in my house. I use them every day. And it has to be a certain kind. Kleenex brand with lotion. I bought dinner and snacks, brought it all back to work and marinated and cut up veggies and fruit.

I have to pick up today and Thursday. I am the "pick up" parent, plus the uniform parent. I hope my daughter took the sandwich to eat inbetween school and lacrosse practice or else, she will be starving and possibly might faint!! Even though I am bringing food I have doubts that she will be able to eat right away after practice - anyhow.

Last night, when I ran to pick up my daughter from the homeless shelter, I got dragged into serve...so we were there till pretty late. I ended up bringing food home that we served and just ate really late. By the time I got into bed and started doing stuff it was way past my bedtime.

I would like to know a little about my family history. I only get to know one side. I have many questions, mainly about my health, but just general ones will do. I guess you could say that my "inner" fears are holding me back. The separation or whatever it is called - caused trauma, now it always triggers the memory of being left behind. It is crazy, because it has been years and years now and I have yet to visit with my other side of the family.

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