who has problems, me, nah?

Of course, we all endure problems - especially day-to-day. I just find it so much harder to cope with, as I get short-tempered with some people. I try to be polite, but other times, I think I might lash out. It really isn't the person (maybe), but really - I've always gone by the saying: "treat others, as you would want to be treated."

Right now, everything is in the spur of chaos. I am trying to keep myself calm and just prioritize one-by-one. Lately, I've been coming home late. It has taken it's toll and I'm seriously tired. I didn't want to call in sick because I'm on the verge of being fired (I think?).

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The Singing Patient said...

just found your blog
i have lupus too.
i'm self-employed, as i did get fired for taking too many sick days because of lupus. in retrospect, i believe that is illegal. something with the americans with disabilities act?
you may have rights you're not aware of. they may have to accommodate you.
just an FYI i have found acupuncture from a chinese trained practitioner to be very helpful with stress and fatigue (reducing both that is) ;)