daughter's audition

Today, my daughter has an audition. She said she doesn't feel very lucky. I told her it wasn't luck - she has practiced long and hard and is very able and well prepared. The only problem is that she gets seriously nervous and forgets everything. I just told her to try her best and not to let it get to her. Hopefully she will do okay. She has practiced all summer long for this audition, even through her being sick, six days a week. I just told her hard work will pay off and she will be fine. Now, I am nervous for her. I'm trying to be relaxed about it. I told her that we would go plenty early so that we won't get lost and she could have ample time to warm up. Tryouts, auditions, etc. are we pushing are children? I don't really know. I know when she wants to do something, she is very strong willed. She crumbles under pressure. I just told her if she would play as she does at home or in lessons she will do fine. They are only taking two or possibly four and we are hoping she will be one of them. I have to take my daughter to the doctor tomorrow because the antibiotics didn't work. She has been on them for 14 days. She sounds like she is coughing out her lungs.

Recently, she finally found out the name of the boy in one of her classes - business foundations. At first, she told me that there were only five freshman, including her and the others were geeks. Now she talks to him via text message. What happened to actually speaking to a person face to face? I guess I am really old, ha!

I got my disability forms today to fill out. It has been very ___ what's the word? but I have been exhausted by filling out all the questions on how lupus has affected my life and what restrictions and activities I have given up. It seems very depressing when I had to list out and think about everything I had to give up. What has happened to my life? Do I even live a life? Apparently not from what I have listed.

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