just another day...

Just another Monday...isn't there a song with that phrase as a chorus? I have a full week ahead of me, also the fact that taxes are due Wednesday. I need to file for an extension, but I have yet to gather all my numbers together. Wonderful, huh? We have had some good and bad news. One of our cars was hit and will probably be "totaled" I'm not too sure if that is good news at all. But now we are down to one car. It was just a long weekend. Easter: our annual egg hunt was successful and both dogs seemed full afterwards. Our older dog was slow on the egg hunt this year, hopefully it doesn't mean his time is limited, right? We did watch Marley & Me and my daughter cried at the end. Everything was due to natural causes and it wasn't like something tragic happened. My daughter played for two teams this past weekend. She played for the freshman team and the JV team. Tuesday there are two games, but one is far away and one is at home. I'm not sure which one she will play and if she will skip her symphony practice. Everything is kind of up in the air right at this moment. My daughter is getting a used clarinet from her symphony. It is such a blessing because we have needed one for such a long time now.

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