15 minute interview (supposedly)

I'm scared to say, but she sounded like [a pharmacist I know] Sara & like OMG (this crazy lady is applying for life ins, ha!)...she was making me spell every darn thing, so I pulled out my meds list from my primary doctor who's kind of the hub of all of the doctors. It was so funny, she'd ask so what is the diagnosis for taking this medication? [What a cheer 4 dear!! Yes, I'm a psycho hypochondriac!! And guess what?] The doctors who specialize in the certain type of diagnoses as to why I'm taking this? (As I repeated her words...) making her feel uneasy...then, my answer: 'umm, well they ran every test in the book and they couldn't find anything wrong,' so when the doctor can't figure out what the hell is wrong? I get this answer, "well...we've done what we can and everything came back normal...probably from your Lupus [auto-immune disease]." But, the only thing is that...well I'm rolling out of bed, dizzy, kept falling, etc. and the pulse oximeter keeps showing my ❤heart pumping like someone sprinting, [but I'm sitting] my oxygen level is just continually dropping w/no end in sight. All Medicare needs as a diagnoses and for them to pay for equipment is @88%. As time passes (meaning weeks, to months, then increase in liters) yeah - something is wrong, right? So...I do what any person or patient would do...find a good specialist!

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