Today is a better day. My best friend from Saipan called me to check up on me...I have such great friends. I have read on many forums that people with Lupus have had hard times keeping friends. I don't seem to have that problem, although we have an understanding that I can be moody & well . . . [like aren't we all in some crazy moods??]. But majority of my friends are friends that I have had for many years...longer than I have known my husband. I still meet new friends all the time and they are just as enjoyable.
I got my Medic-Alert bracelet today. I put it on, well it's a little too big [so I called up my handy husband] and he'll fix it when I get home. [Later, I'll take a pic and post it with this blog], ha!
The other litigation secretary called in sick today...and I can hear people coughing and sneezing...I just want to curl up. I really don't want to get sick, especially since I'm leaving next week. I felt like I was fighting off something...but hopefully I just last this last week without catching anything [please!!]. Last time I went away -- in December, to Florida, I was soooo sick. I hated it. Since she is out today, I am the only litigation secretary left, but the so-called regular [non-litigation] secretary & her a chum chum, both are pretty defensive if I do work for their attorneys. I guess if they want to be that way, they can struggle with it. Ha!
I have yet to pack...I guess I am being pretty lax about it. I usually pack about now & have everything ready to go & info already made into PDFs for electronic storage [in case the inevitable happens].

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