aNEW day...afterALL

I dropped off my childhood friend at the airport this morning. UGH, the traffic trying to get back to downtown Denver!! But I finally made it - 30 minutes late, so it wasn't too bad. I think? We went up to Estes Park yesterday. I was totally pooped and felt really bad that I just passed out on her like that! She was looking for her pass-a-port last night and I totally scared her, but she should keep better tabs on it! Some things just never change, stuff was everywhere...so now we have to clean up this mess at home.

As I was in traffic, not moving at all, I was texting my daughter and friend, about random stuff. I found out this morning that my daughter's ex-best friend forever just got dumped, but I told her to be careful. Children can be cruel as teenagers. She just hooked up with some "shy" boy and her BFF's (best friend forever) girlfriend at the time is a real ***, well you know. I just don't need anymore "drama" and school is almost out. So her ex-BFF posted some stuff on AIM and I just don't want them to start talking again and being friends only for her to lose her BFF again (which was pretty sad). Knowing this girlfriend of his - she would just do it to play with their minds and stuff. The girlfriend was super jealous and really low self-esteem. She's pretty and stuff, so I don't know what her deal was, but she really hated my daughter. My daughter is pretty secure in the way she feels about herself and body. She also used to be close friends with the girl, but because of her "crazy" attitude, their friendship ended. Soon after, her BFF's friendship ended too. Now all of a sudden, he's dumped and looking for a girl? What's up with that? Apparently, the boy has never been girlfriend less~which says what about the boy? Insecurity as well?

Okay was that as confusing as it sounded?? It looks confusing, ha!

Anyhow, I am at work now and what am I doing? Blogging. Yes, my life is exciting. NOT! I have my own "dramas" to deal with, plus my family newsletter is due out tomorrow or Thursday and I haven't started on it yet. I have to figure out what is going on with everyone before I even post something. I did bring all my stuff to work so I could do it here, but I would need to send out emails to people to figure out what is going on...ya know, the scoop.

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