I went home today in a fog. Maybe I took just a wee bit too many pills for my cold. I was so out of it. I didn't take my usual nap during the day. And for some odd reason, I totally forgot to eat lunch. I guess I have been so anxious because of my best friend's dad - having a stroke. Just sitting on the edge, figuring out what will happen now? He might have right side paralysis and he definitely has slurred speech. They are still waiting for an MRI to see what kind of damage he had from the multiple storkes.

I get a call from my daughter [somewhat in a panic] because she couldn't type up her took me a while to get it...apparently we just needed software. So I picked her up on the way home and took her right to the store and boughtt the software and headed home, looking for my bed. I took a long hot bath and felt great! I was even able to kind of groom my doggies outside on the driveway.

Right now, I am just chilling on my bed...watching t.v., deciding what kind of sleepin pill I should be taking today. I haven't had that full, deep sleep in a while. I miss it - dearly [what a tragedy]. I hope that it comes and finds me [again].

My best friend from high school was supposed to be flying in tonight to Denver. I haven't called to see if she made it in or not or if she decided to say in California because of our other friend. Who knows? She did ask if I wanted to go white river rafting -- sounds like fun, but I am sure it will include something like paramedics and the emergency room. I will take it easy this time, just relax and hang out with my long time friend that I won't be able to see for a LONG time.

All these years, so many memories, whether silly or serious, we have through it all, thick and thin, it is amazing how we have lasted this long. It is almost like a marriage, but so different. I don't really know how to explain it. But we are there for each other when we need each other, whether it is something serious or just what color shoes to buy. Yes, we can be very shallow too.

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