I hate being SICK!

Yesterday afternoon, was a bittersweet afternoon. As I was driving home, I called my pharmacist to see if one of my scripts were ready for pickup. Indeed it was, so I said I would swing by to pick it up. I went over to the grocery store to pick it up and thought, why NOT? Do some grocery shopping and pick up a few "need me" items. So I did. I got a call from my husband about going to the mall to get his [Oakley] sunglasses fixed. I said fine. I talked with my pharmacist who basically told me it was my surrounding . . . as to why I was sick. Was I wiping everything down? We needed to all be seperated and sheets changed, no sharing of towels or anything else! I came home, furious [to say the least]. I dunno, but it just got to me that my family would intentionally not care that they are sharing germs with me. I am immunosuppressed [as if that is new news]. I think I was just pissed off and tired of being SICK.

I took all the sheets off, had my daughter help me turn the mattress over, febreezed and/or lysol sprayed everything down -- until it was a little bit of an overkill. I had her wash the bedspread in HOT water. Knowing my husband, washing everything together, not in hot, not killing the germs. I was ANGRY.

Anyhow, I've started my day out with throwing up blood and mucus balls [yellow]. My daughter had to help me because I was just bleeding all over the place to the point of no control. I ended up taking a TON of pills, avoiding the antibiotics like the plague, because we all know what happens when you have to take antibiotics and you are already get sicker. If I take the antibiotics, I will end up with a yeast infection, which would mean anti-fungals. Yes, my life is lovely. My husband, being resentful, stayed in a separate room last night...left early for work...didn't bother to help with my pills, so my daughter ended up doing them. I was late for work [again]. Considering I just got a talk yesterday about the accuracy of my time sheets and how my schedule is NEVER the same. Apparently, this is an ongoing problem, and they are actually pulling times off my card which tells them when I enter the building [so retarded]. Plus, our dress code will go into effect, of course, I am non-compliant [again], but what's new?

I went through my mail yesterday, found bills [yes, lovely assortment]. It was bills for medical appointments [that just seemed like a waste of time]. One was because they had billed the wrong insurance company. I had been to see them before and they had billed the correct one, now they are reverting and billing an old one? Another one [totally ridiculous] billed for four office visits in one day? So I would owe four copays [nice, huh?]. I spent my morning, calling, faxing, etc. I have no idea if they will get it right. They always ask for your insurance card at the beginning of a medical visit, that's how they got the co-pay amount. I'm not sure what they do with all those copies [throw them out?].

I got a text message this morning from my close friend. Her dad had a stroke last night and they were still in the emergency room. OMG, this is so surreal. I tried to call her to see if they were all okay and if he was going to be okay. She had to hang up on me, so I called her cousin to see what was happening. They were waiting for a room to open up so they could move him from the emergency room up to a floor. I hope he will be okay.

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