ALR - Tuesday

ALR, stands for Alliance for Lupus Research. I have started my own family team, in realization that it might be a three man team! I'm not sure though, who knows? Maybe my family will pull together and actually do something for me, for once! I wish, I can only wish. I didn't really pick a name [Ms. Indecisive], my daughter did - characteristically, sounds like her too. I have yet to get started on this "ask" letter - so we'll see. I don't know if divulging too much or too little is good or bad?? Or if I should just stick to statistics and leave out the personal part, but I think the personal part is what get's it going. Let's just say I really do have a hard time deciding on things. I guess I could try to give my writing skills a try.

My allergies are in full force, or shall I say a cold? I have no clue. I am taking this Bendaryl combination with cold medicine. Umm...I'm achy...and I just feel horrid. I don't know how else to treat it?? Any suggestions? Besides seeing another doctor? I need time off from seeing the doctor. And I have declared this time - to be my time off. I have dried up my skin and everything else...in an effort to dry up my drainage...but that still keeps happening. I am not left with very many options now. Maybe just plain Benadryl will do the trick.

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